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Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren Are On Instagram

Did you know Anthony Hopkins is a painter?

Did you know Helen Mirren enjoys lounging at the Crosby Hotel?

If you didn’t that means you’re not following these two on Instagram and you should. If you’re unsure who Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Anthony Hopkins are allow me to introduce you.

Dame Helen is triple crown actress. She’s won an Academy Award, an Olivier, and a Tony (impressed yet?) She’s also 71 years young and possesses poise, grace and a very specific sense of humor. She’s spiritual, she’s a naturalist, and has a penchant for nude beaches. She’s also quite vocal about her affinity for said beaches and almost convinced me to visit one – almost.  American audiences might know her from her most recent role as Brigitte in Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith.

Sir Anthony Hopkins is notable for his role as Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs starring Jodie Foster. Although he was an established Welsh-English actor prior, that role as a sadistic cannibal launched him into transatlantic stardom. He’s 79 years young and resides in Malibu, California. When he’s not painting abstract portraits he’s most likely taking photos with his fans and putting those on Instagram as well.

Here are some gems from both Helen and Anthony’s Instagram accounts:

Helen (@helenmirren)


Dame Helen wearing Peter Lindberg’s Hat (Courtesy of Helen Mirren’s IG)



The Dame wearing faux fur on the way to the NYC Collateral Beauty Premiere (Courtesy of Helen Mirren’s IG)

Anthony (@anthonyhopkins)


Sir Anthony working on the final touches (Courtesy of Anthony Hopkins’ IG)


A dapper looking Sir (Courtesy of Anthony Hopkins’ IG)


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