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Hygge: The Danish Art of Cozy Living

Talk of hygge (hoo-gah) – unofficially Danish for “cozy” – is everywhere and for good reason. It’s cold. It’s dreary. And there’s got to be more to life in winter than schlepping to work in the morning with 10 layers on and schlepping back home in the dead of night when it’s only 5 o’clock. Danes are known as some of the happiest people on earth and they’re no stranger to cold weather. And in the midst of political tension and winter blues I’m certainly taking a page from the Danes. Here are 7 ways to achieve hygge, or cozy winter bliss.

1. Set the mood with candles.

2. Keep warm with cozy pajamas.

3. Be happy and drink up – tea, mulled wine, hot chocolate, etc.

4. Feed yourself with a fresh and hearty meal.

5. Taboo topics are off the table- keep it light.

6. Snuggle up with loved ones.

7. Be mindful, present and filled with gratitude for you are fine where you are.


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