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Heyday: The Anti-Spa for Facials

I took a trip to the Heyday store in the New York City neighborhood of NoMad during a lunch break. I wanted to see just how convenient a facial could be at this shop that offered high quality and somewhat pricey skincare products and facials, yet claimed to be “anti-spa”. I scheduled a 1 o’clock 50-minute facial with any skin therapist available. You heard that right, therapist. Heyday uses the term “skin therapist” in lieu of aesthetician as part of their anti-spa brand. The Heyday co-founder and Chief Brand Officer Michael Pollack decided to create an anti-spa because, “Facials have been tucked away in spas for too long. Not only are they often expensive and inconvenient there, but the story ends up about beauty and indulgence. We’ve pulled them out of the spa and into a space that’s about skin wellness. It’s about taking care of your body’s biggest organ and the one that faces the world every day.”

Soon, I checked in. I signed a quick form describing my skin history on an iPad mini. After a bit of a wait Alvina, my therapist, took me into a dimly lit back area with 2 rows of stalls that included reclining chairs, all the facial products Heyday carries, and soothing music but not the cheesy rain drops and ocean wind kind but Sampha and Disclosure. I like both of those artists. I got comfortable in my chair, Alvina drew the curtains although they didn’t completely close – something I wasn’t fond of, but spoiler it was the only thing I wasn’t fond of during the entire experience.

After a quick walkthrough of treatments and products my skin needed – hydration and brightening – she got to work and I got busy closing my eyes and relaxing. A steamed compress and Ormedic Gel Cleanser were used to remove my makeup and other impurities I had on my skin. She made me inhale three deep breaths of a lavender eucalyptus concoction and the extractions began. Imagine my surprise when they didn’t hurt at all. I don’t know why but Alvina had the magic touch. I didn’t question it and instead wavered between states of relaxation and sleepy, barely there consciousness.

After the extractions another steamed compress was put on my face to soothe my skin and thus began the traditional facial. A Moss Blemish Treatment Mask was spread on my skin to purify my pores. After about 10 minutes another compress was put on my face to remove the mask and a Lavender Honey Mist toner was introduced to further soothe and balance my skin’s ph levels. After a brief facial massage a pigment lightening serum by Alchimie was gently applied all over my face to attack bouts of hyperpigmentation. Finally, Image Ormedic Balancing Bio-Peptide Creme was used as a moisturizer to top me off and send me on my way.

After my 50-minute facial I got on the train and headed back to work happy for the reprieve, the convenience, and the best skin I have seen this season. The best part I had an email from Alvina waiting for me by the time I got to my desk with a list of suggested products to use, instructions on how to use them to achieve my 30-day skin goal, and a facial recap.

I will definitely be back in the next 4-6 weeks with better skin. I’m sure of it.


Heyday Hours & Locations:

Weekdays 8am – 10pm
Weekends 9am – 8pm

1130 Broadway
New York, NY 10010

Tribeca (Now Open!)
92 Reade Street
New York, NY 10013



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